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Lakeshore Talent is looking for qualified candidates to fill an Mapping Analyst position for an oil & gas company located in Houston, Texas. This is a hybrid position that is 1 week remote and 1 week in the office on a rotational basis. This is a 4 month contract position with the potential to be extended or go permanent. Pay for this position is $38-$51/hour based on experience.

Job Description:

As a mapping analyst, you prepare maps, create spatial data sets, and maintain databases for a company. Your duties include creating maps through softcopy, web mapping, or a digital system, development and administration of database management, using geoprocessing tools to locate, extract, manipulate, and analyze geographic data, and using satellite data to classify land cover. You perform research, offer educated opinions based on your report, survey land to map for accurate three-dimensional information and assist with project management and technical writing. 

Job Duties:

  • Custom Mapping
  • Complete specialized map requests per Spatial Data Ticketing Site
  • Handle One-Off Map Visualizations for business unit presentations and reference
  • Standardized Map Maintenance and Updates
  • Regular replacements of Asset and Area maps in Spatial Data Map Gallery
  • Create schedule for map updates based on data improvements and change detection.
  •  Schedule Report updates and Mileage Maps
  • Identify opportunities for other standardized maps (DOT, Third Party Operators, HSE Reports etc.)
  • Create custom Map Books
  • Identify opportunities for standardized portal maps when data interaction makes more sense than basic visualization
  •  Regular updates of wall maps for all operating areas
  • Inform clients of changes to the wall map and look for feedback
  • Communicate regularly with clients on new requirements
  • Create & maintain standardized symbology for corporate portal services, subscription services, ArcMap user reference and streamlined map templates.
  • Meet and work regularly with spatial data team members on map support for data management
  • Data Integrity: Cleanup & support migration of data
  • Assist in review for the purpose of migration of legacy database & data within active database
  • Legacy database migration support
  • Legacy data cleanup support
  • Point features associated with legacy records
  • Work with spatial data team to identify opportunities to create standard Portal workflows, especially when maps are repetitive
  • Train on updating services to update and modify as needed
  • Minor administration backup for Enterprise services/ mapping support

Technical Skill Requirements:

  • ArcGIS Desktop, ArcMap/Pro
  • Ability to create map templates
  • Design professional layouts
  • Create Map Books and Wall sized maps
  • Geoprocessing tools/ Model Builder
  • ArcGIS Enterprise
  • Publishing and administering web and feature services
  • Creation of web maps utilizing existing enterprise and online services
  • WebApp building and widget configuration
  • Other enterprise applications (Dashboard, Experience Builder, Story Maps, Field Maps)
  • Basic understanding of SDE, Dataset and Feature Class schemas
  • Microsoft Office Suite & Teams
  • Knowledge of Python – a plus

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