Registered Nurse Jobs – New Year’s Resolutions for Job Seekers

How to Ensure 2021 Is Your Year

2020 was a long year for everyone, and especially for those in nursing roles. You have been on the front line during a global pandemic. Your year probably didn’t go as planned.

With 2021 now upon us, now is the time to start focusing on the goals you want to achieve in the coming 12 months. You may have made many personal and professional accomplishments this year and have set your sights high for the year to come.

What Resolutions Can a Registered Nurse Make for 2021?

Your goals may include finding a new job. To help you achieve this, we have put together this list of resolutions for you to aim for in 2021.

·      Continuing Education

Nursing has changed a lot over the years. Registered nurses can now take on many responsibilities that used to fall to doctors. Consequently, the qualifications and skills needed to land the best registered nurse positions have become more demanding.

If you are set on finding a new role in the coming year, set yourself a goal of gaining a new qualification. In nursing, the opportunities for training are nearly endless. You may consider specializing or working towards your BSN or MSN.

·      Be Community Spirited

It’s not only qualifications and experience that make you attractive as a potential employee. Nursing is a profession that requires a lot of empathy and selflessness, and employers are keen to hire nurses who demonstrate this.

Being community spirited and volunteering in your community can help in your job search by providing evidence of your character.

·      Keep on Top of Legislation Changes

Laws and regulations within the healthcare field are constantly changing. In 2020, the pace of change was tremendous. State and federal governments and health bodies scrambled to adapt regulations and laws to assist hospitals and other healthcare facilities cover their need for staffing during the pandemic.

In 2021, make a point to stay on top of regulatory changes. You can set up Google alerts or subscribe to industry publications to help you. This will not only benefit you by keeping you in the know, but it will also demonstrate to employers your commitment to your profession.

·      Keep Up to Date with New Technology

Technology is advancing continuously. The rapid pace of change means that employers seek nursing staff who are well informed, adapt well to change, and understand the latest tech.

Technological advances can make your job easier, improve the quality of care you give, and improve communication between you and colleagues. However, between healthcare organizations, the technology they use can vary greatly, so it’s important to be aware of various tech and show you can adapt to working with new software.

·      Take Care of Your Own Health

Registered nurses are experiencing burnout like never before, with the global pandemic increasing the challenges on nurses’ work routines, and physical and mental health. It’s important to take care of yourself, especially during a job search.

Don’t be too hard on yourself if you can’t keep up with all your resolutions as well as your work. And if you have little free time in the week, don’t pressure yourself too hard to look for a new job. Instead, take the time for the self-care you need. Our advice is to register with a good staffing agency and let them take the strain in your search for a new job.

To Sum Up

A new year, a new job? With registered nurses in such high demand, 2021 could certainly be the year you land the job of your dreams. These resolutions will help you in your job search. You may have others. Why not get in touch and share them with us?

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