I first heard of Lakeshore through two friends of mine. We all found ourselves in a similar predicament that many people my age are presented with: freshly out of college with an uncertainty of our next step. My friend mentioned her experience with Pam Black–a woman who helped assign her at her current job. She said Lakeshore didn’t just place you wherever they found an opening like many other “temp agencies.” They take all the regular precautions–assessing your character, background, skill set–but they stand out in their care of understanding your passions, your strengths and genuine consideration of your future career. I corresponded with Caeleigh Shellhart. It was clear during my interview that we were both interested in seeking a proper candidate-to-company fit. Since my time with Lakeshore, I’ve interacted with many of their agents. Every phone call, every email, every exchange has had apparent effort to be helpful and personable. This particular point–along with clearly many others–is what sets aside Lakeshore from just any other agency. This particular industry is a necessary avenue for many people, young and old, in my position who need an intermediary to move forward; therefore investing in them will only help generate positive contribution to the work force.

-Donna D

Lakeshore has been an amazing agency to work with. I first met with Michelle and she was very curious to know what I wanted and the types of jobs and industry I was ideally seeking, but beyond that the rest of the team was great to work with too. They all made me feel like I mattered and they did all they could  to find me something that lined up with the kind of work I wanted. They did an amazing job at following up and always reassured me that they had my best interest in mind. They are an agency worth investing in.

-Kensey N

Lakeshore is an incredible company. As a member of the FLEX program, I was able to experience not only Lakeshore’s amazing team, but many of the reputable companies they work with. Not once did I have a negative experience during my time with Lakeshore and I’ve recommended their services to others!

-Natalie S

I was lucky enough to have Lakeshore in my life at a time when I needed a job most: The summer after I graduated college. I knew I was employable, but I did not have a grasp on the types of jobs I was qualified for or which companies were a good fit for me. I did know, however, that I wanted a long-term position at a good company with the opportunity for growth. Lakeshore gave me the confidence I needed to go after competitive positions and helped me feel like I can land a job that I actually want. From refining my resume, preparing me for job interviews and keeping me updated and informed, Lakeshore made finding a job easy.  The recruiters did the job hunting for me and focused on my wants and needs throughout the entire process. Within a week, I chose to accept a position at a non-profit in the Human Services field. My position proved mutually beneficial for myself and my new employer. Lakeshore was there to answer my questions every step of the way during my temporary position until I was hired on as a permanent employee. I maintained a relationship with Lakeshore recruiters throughout my position exploring Human Services. When I felt it was time to move forward with my career after a year of experience at a non-profit, Lakeshore was my go-to for a new opportunity. The recruiters found me a position at a small start-up company with rapid growth and a promising future. I have been happy at this company for over two years now and continue to keep in in touch with Lakeshore and I happily update recruiters about success at my current position thanks to all of their hard work and dedication. I have referred several of my close friends with a variety of interests and experience to Lakeshore for employment opportunities. I highly recommend Lakeshore to my colleagues, acquaintances and friends who are motivated to find a job and need help navigating the work force.

-Jackie H

To do staffing well is a difficult task, Lakeshore Staffing goes above and beyond to treat their candidates with the attention they seek when searching for temporary and permanent employment. While searching for employment twice, Lakeshore Staffing placed me on temporary assignments multiple times. If you bring your A-game and work hard for their clients, it pays off! Lakeshore also connected with me on multiple occasions regarding permanent employment opportunities to talk through them to see if they’d be a good potential match. I recommend many friends and connections seeking to make a career move to contact Lakeshore to explore the many temporary and permanent opportunities they have access to.

-Coy C

Working with Lakeshore has helped me in so many ways. I was able to get connections in the business world as soon as I met with Lakeshore and I was able to find my dream job and the best work family in the world. I am so grateful for Lakeshore because they gave me the opportunity to go inside a company and work as a temp. In the temp position I was able to test the company as much as they were testing me. After 2 month of working with the company and going through an interview process I was hired on full-time to a company I would have never even dreamed up. I can’t thank Lakeshore enough for helping me find my forever work home.

-Emily L

The whole staff were genuinely helpful in my job search this past spring! I worked with another staffing/recruiting company that was horrible. I was worried about working with another company but Lakeshore not only helped me find the perfect job, they also provided me with great knowledge on interviewing tactics, writing cover letters, and how to succeed once you’ve been hired. They really care about all their candidates and take the time to get to know them before matching them with potential job opportunities. I highly recommend this recruiting company.

-Rachel H

I have worked with many different staffing agency over the years.  My most recent move brought me back to Denver and I reached out to several different agencies by doing a random search on Google.  Unfortunately, my experience was exactly how I thought it would go: unpleasant and uninterested recruiters.  The few agencies I chose to work with did a great job of making me feel like a number.  One evening, looking through old emails, I came across one of my contacts from Lakeshore.  I had completely forgotten about them since at that point it had been over 10 years since I had worked with them. I decided to reach out and re-introduce myself.  I was hoping they would remember me and I was pleasantly surprised when the recruiter was able to recite details from my previous placement without me having to jog their memory.  The original recruiter I connected with at Lakeshore was out of the office during the week I was available to meet; yet she wasted no time and arranged a meeting with one of her colleagues.  I was taken aback by the thoughtfulness of everyone at Lakeshore in regards to my timeline.  The initial meeting was smooth and effortless; it felt like more of a conversation than an interview.  She made me feel comfortable and asked specific questions related to my interests, needs, and wants.  I could feel that she was actually invested in my best interest instead of just wanting to cross another candidate off her list.  She made sure to touch base with me as often as possible even if it was to tell that there were no matches that week – which makes a huge difference in my book.  I like constant communication!  Eventually, I came across a posting on Craigslist myself and emailed the Recruiter about the specific job.  She got back to me right away with the details of the job and made instant plans for an interview.  Again, I was pleasantly surprised that there was no hesitation on her end to submit me for the role. All in all, the initial screening process with Lakeshore was fast and easy.  The commitment on their end to help me with my job search is not something they only say, they live and breath it for their clients.  Lakeshore is thorough in their due diligence of the jobs they submit you for and they take a personal interest in how you feel and what truly works for the candidate.  I am very appreciative for what they have done for me since I have moved back to Denver — making me feel like part of their family; not just a number.

-Reena S

Lakeshore has been nothing but helpful to me in my career exploration. I found them through Craigslist and was a little skeptical, until they got me in for an interview immediately. I was so impressed by the warmth of the people, the openness of their business policy, and the very quick placement opportunities! When I first signed up with Lakeshore I had accepted a different job on my own which I worked for a couple weeks until it went very badly. I had emailed Lakeshore Friday morning to ask if they would start looking for a position for me, went into work, the boss got abusive and I quit on the spot. When I got back to my car I check my messages and there was a voicemail from Lindsay, saying the team was there for me and that they could have me placed by the end of the weekend. The relief of having support and options like that is indescribable.


Prior to employment, I was working with a couple different job recruiters. Lakeshore was by far the best. Not only were they prompt but they would ensure I was ready for an interview prior to walking in. The staff was beyond friendly and overall completely awesome. I highly recommend Lakeshore.

-Alaura B

I have been working with Lakeshore at Anadarko Petroleum Company  for a little over a year, starting at the front desk and most recently acting as the Executive Assistant to the Senior Vice President. There have been no bad days yet, and I credit Lakeshore for a good part of my success. Thank you Lakeshore!

-Margaret H

As someone who came directly from the staffing industry, I was consistently blown away by the level of professionalism, care, and respect in my interactions with each and every Lakeshore staff member. Being on the candidate side can be quite a vulnerable experience, feeling at the mercy of recruiters remembering my availability, personality, and need for work! Lakeshore showed appreciation for me by continuing to offer up opportunities when there was a good fit. When I checked in for an update, I was always able to speak to someone, and the staff was courteous and up-to-date with developments. I am now happily and permanently employed and credit Lakeshore for helping me to stay afloat and gain new experiences doing temp work in several positive environments. When one environment was not the right fit, no questions asked, Pam understood, and professionally wrapped up the term and continued to reach out regarding other opportunities. I left this chapter of temp work with such a strong, positive impression, that I continue to refer former candidates, friends, and colleagues of mine to Lakeshore when they are looking for new opportunities. I know that in these referrals, people I care about will be treated with respect, receive solid professional advice, and ultimately will be in good hands in their career search.

-Carrie S

Lakeshore has been a phenomenal partner for years. Not only does the Lakeshore team source phenomenal short and long term team members but their customer service is second to none. They understand our culture and needs and go above and beyond to consistently exceed our expectations

Four Point Energy

I am always impressed with the services we receive from Lakeshore. Not only does this team have top notch communication, they truly care about us as their client and the candidates they are placing for our organization. In times of need, Lakeshore is our go to. They are very prompt in their communication, efficient in their process and we have received great results. We have been satisfied with our services from Lakeshore and look forward to continuing our services with them. Thank you Lakeshore team!

-Sarah DeCan | Recruiter
Developmental Pathways