How to Score Your Ideal Customer Service Job

5 Top Tips to Boost Job Search Success

Customer service jobs are ideal if you are a people person and a problem-solver. According to, the average annual salary for customer service jobs in the United States is around $36,000. The best in the business can earn upwards of $45,000 per year. That’s great money to do what you love doing best.

On the downside, there is a lot of competition for the best customer service jobs. These tips will help you be more effective in your job search.

Our 5 Top Tips for Finding Great Customer Service Jobs

Not all customer service jobs are created equal. These tips will help your job search be more effective.

1.     Know the Customer Service Role You Want

Different organizations expect different things from their customer service representatives. In some roles you may be expected to be a salesperson as well as a problem-solver. In others, you will focus only on customer service. Some roles may be face-to-face, while others rely on your online social skills – such as communicating by instant messenger, phone, or email.

You may be required to work during business hours or outside of business hours – or a combination of both. Increasingly, employers are hiring remote workers to fill their customer service jobs. Depending on the role, your experience and qualifications will be assessed.

When deciding on your ideal customer service role, list the features you desire and score them in importance. This will help you narrow down your search. For example, if flexibility of hours is most important to you, rule out those jobs that don’t offer this – they will make you unhappy and you’ll be job searching again very soon.

2.     Make Sure You Upskill

Different roles and employers require different skills. Considering the type of customer service role that you desire most, make a list of the skills you need to secure an interview for this type of role. If you are short of experience or skills, take action to fill the gaps.

Some higher paying roles require specific skillsets – learn what these are and then acquire those skills, and demonstrate your worth.

3.     Do Your Employer Research

Personalizing your resume and cover letter to the employer boosts your chances of being selected for an interview.

If you understand an employer’s approach to customer service, you can highlight your experience and skills that complement this. You’ll also learn whether their values and working practices are a good match for you.

4.     Create a Personalized Resume

Your cover letter should prompt the reviewer to do one thing: read your resume. This is what sells you for an interview.

When creating your resume, you must ensure that it resonates with the hiring manager and highlights your suitability for the role. For example, if the role is pure customer service, make sure that you highlight your customer service experience. If the role leans toward sales, ensure that your sales experience is most prominent.

5.    Prepare Well for Your Interview

Great work so far! You have secured an interview. To perform well in the interview, you must prepare for it.

Think about the main responsibilities the role entails, and consider how your experience matches those responsibilities. Prepare two or three examples from your experience that you can use to highlight the great fit you are for the role.

If you know the answers to the questions before they are asked, you will be more confident during the interview. This will allow your personality to shine – and employers hire personality.

Find Your Ideal Customer Service Job

These five tips will help you as you search for your ideal role in customer service, but there is one other tactic that is invaluable in your search for customer service jobs. Contact a specialized recruiter who will help by giving you access to the best jobs available in the market. For the best opening for customer service jobs in Chicago and Denver, contact Lakeshore Talent today