Outplacement Services

What is it?

Outplacement services are designed to bridge the gap between one employer and the next. We offer a variety of services to support your separated employees to help empower them to take meaningful steps toward finding their next employment opportunity. 

Our goal is to offer meaningful assistance to those who have not chosen to leave their current role, but have found themselves on the job market. Services include resume writing / editing, social media review, networking advice,  interview preparation, and several more.

Why provide it?

  • First off, it's just the right thing to do. We become an extension of your culture and brand allowing you to foster goodwill with those separated from your company. 
  • It helps protect your brand - disgruntled employees are 10 times more likely to write negative reviews on public sites than those leaving feeling good. This also bolsters a positive image for those employees who were not impacted; it reduces their anxiety and fosters loyalty. 
  • Job seekers who take advantage of these services will be on unemployment assistance for a shorter period of time thus lessening your claims experience. 
  • Having our team cover assistance to employees takes that burden off of your HR and Management teams.

Why choose Lakeshore Talent?

For decades, Lakeshore has put employees first. We build relationships and trust with our job seekers, thus helping them become loyal, dedicated, and engaged employees. Outplacement Services are a natural extension of that philosophy. With our tenured and talented internal team, we are uniquely poised to help each displaced employee.

Initial consultation
Resume Services
Cover Letter/Thank You Note
Interview Package
Job Search/Career Advice
Social Media Consult
Networking Assistance
Mock Interviews
Weekly call