Top Sales Jobs in Denver and How to Apply for Them

Welcome to Denver’s Thriving Job Market for Sales Professionals

Denver is awash with high-paying sales jobs right now. Nestled in the Rocky Mountains, its economy is vibrant and thriving. For sales professionals, or those seeking to get into sales, this is the place to be.

The Mile High City is home to much of Colorado’s diverse economy. It’s a cultural center, tourist magnet, and integrates federal, education, transportation, retail, and health services into its landscape.

In this article, we answer a couple of key questions:

  • What are the top sales jobs in Denver?
  • How can you apply for them successfully?

Sales – Denver’s Growth Industry

Strategically located and with an entrepreneurial culture, it’s little wonder that Denver is experiencing a surge in its sales industry. All businesses, from small startups to established national names, are expanding their sales teams.

The latest data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics demonstrates just how strong our economy is in Denver:

  • Unemployment is below the national average
  • Average hourly wages are around 16% above the national average
  • Employer costs are around 10% below the national average

In such a dynamic business environment, whether for selling to businesses or selling to consumers, sales skills are in high demand across all sectors of Denver’s economy. And those working in sales can expect to reap the benefits, including competitive compensation, a great work/life balance, and the career progression that an abundance of sales jobs can offer.

5 In-Demand Sales Jobs in Denver

In such a thriving economy, there are many top sales jobs for relationship builders, strategic closers, and technical experts. Here is a sample of five sales jobs that we’re seeing high demand for, with a few of the skills you’ll need to succeed.

1.     Sales Representative

You’ll play a vital role in connecting with customers, building relationships, and driving revenue from leads. It’s your job to identify customer needs and demonstrate how your employer’s products or services best satisfy those needs. You’ll be a strong communicator with great interpersonal skills.

2.     Account Executive

Responsible for managing customer relationships and closing deals, you’ll upsell to existing clients. You’ll be a good negotiator, have great task management skills, and be an able presenter – you’ll also work with others to deliver exceptional customer service.

3.     Sales Manager

As a sales manager, it’s your job to manage and motivate your sales team to achieve its targets. Your role includes developing sales strategies and mentoring your salespeople. You’ll thrive under pressure, be adaptable, empathetic, and have a coaching mentality as well as good people-management skills.

4.     Business Development Representative

Your main focus will be on identifying and securing new business opportunities. You’ll be proactive and resilient, as well as a good communicator and relationship builder. You’ll also need to be analytical and collaborative – you’ll be expected to do a lot of prospecting and work with sales teams to generate leads.

5.     Sales Engineer

As a sales engineer, you’re the bridge between technical expertise and sales. You’ll have unrivaled product/services knowledge, and a deep understanding of customer needs. It’s your job to deliver technical presentations and help personalize solutions to individual customers. Therefore, you’ll need good communication skills as well as an analytical mind.

Tips to Stand Out for a Top Sales Job in Denver

You’ll increase the chance of a successful job search by applying for sales jobs that align with your strengths.

If you don’t have direct sales experience, you should focus on your transferrable skills. When composing your resume and developing answers to interview questions, highlight skills such as communication, negotiation, and interpersonal skills.

Three Areas to Demonstrate Your Sales Acumen

  1. Relevant Experience

For more senior roles, demonstrate your experience in a sales or customer-facing role. Showcase your ability to build relationships, meet sales targets, and navigate the sales process effectively.

  1. Knowledge of the Product/Service

Product/service knowledge is crucial. Employers want to know that you’ll be able to communicate with authority, address customer concerns effectively, and demonstrate the benefits of the product or service you are selling. This helps to build trust with potential customers.

  1. Industry Knowledge

Familiarity with the industry in which you’ll be working is highly valued. Show that you stay on top of recent and upcoming trends, understand emerging technology, and understand evolving customer needs.

Three Crucial Skillsets for Sales Jobs

  1. Communication Skills

Salespeople are great communicators, in both verbal and written communication. Show that you can articulate clearly, actively listen, and build trust. Can you adapt communication style to match different customers? Can you communicate persuasively without being pushy?

  1. Negotiation Skills

The better your negotiation skills, the better deals you will strike. Negotiation skills include addressing objections effectively, finding win/win solutions, and navigating price discussions.

  1. Interpersonal Skills

At its heart, selling is about building rapport and fostering relationships. Employers seek candidates who can empathize with customers, and who work well in a team-oriented workplace.

Three Essential Transferrable Skills

  1. Relationship Building

Whether you are working in a team, with other teams in a company, or directly with customers, your success depends upon the relationships you develop and maintain. Showing that you cultivate long-term relationships will help you demonstrate that you have the relationship skills to drive successful sales.

  1. Problem-Solving

Life in sales is full of challenges and objections. Can you demonstrate a history of problem solving? Are you a critical thinker? Show that you can be adaptive and innovative to customer needs – and that you can think on your feet to arrive at logical and agreeable solutions.

  1. Resilience and Persistence

Rejection is tough. It’s also common in sales. Employers seek candidates with the drive to persevere through rejection, remaining positive throughout. Showcase a time when you needed to demonstrate resilience and persistence.

8 Steps to Apply for Top Sales Jobs in Denver

You’ve got the skills and experience to develop a fantastic career in top sales jobs in Denver. All you need now is a strategy for applying to them. We’ve boiled it down to the following steps:

Step #1: Do Your Research

Identify the companies you’d like to work for in Denver. Stay updated with the best sales companies, and search for others that have a great reputation as well as values and experience that align with your own.

Step #2: Develop Your Professional Network

Attend industry events and get active online to build a network of connections within the companies you are targeting. These can provide firsthand insights, as well as recommend jobs to you.

Step #3: Focus on Online Portals Every Day

Use jobs boards and LinkedIn to conduct a job search every day. (Yes, finding a job is a job in itself.)

Step #4: Don’t Forget to Visit Company Websites

Explore the jobs and careers sections of your target companies regularly. You’ll learn a lot about the positions they have available, their culture, and the application process they follow.

Step #5: Personalize an Impressive Resume for Each Application

A well-crafted resume is crucial. You should also personalize it for each application you make. Ensure that it focuses on skills and experience for a sales role, and make certain it aligns with the job description. Showcase your relevant achievements; highlight transferrable skills; use the language in the job ad.

Step #6: Complete Your Application Form Carefully

Pay attention to details when filling out an application form. Double-check for any errors. Provide impactful answers to questions. Don’t rule yourself out before you begin.

Step #7: Preparing for Interviews

Prepare answers to interview questions that employers will ask. Use the STAR method (Situation, Task, Action, Result) to compose answers that demonstrate your skills, experience, and knowledge, and can be adapted for different questions. Practice your answers, too, so that you sound natural.

Step #8: Follow Up

After each interview, always follow up. Send a polite email, thanking the interviewer for their time and confirming your interest in the position. Reiterate your qualifications and experience, and demonstrate your enthusiasm.

Shortcut the Application Process for Sales Jobs in Denver

Searching for the best sales jobs in Denver can be an arduous task. But there is a shortcut.

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