7 Tips to Recruit Administrative Assistants in the Hybrid Workplace

How to Secure the Ideal Administrative Assistant Hybrid Worker

Because of the pandemic, many workers were able to work remotely. Now, having had a taste of working from home, many of the highest-quality professionals seeking administrative and executive assistant jobs are looking for hybrid workplace opportunities.

Hybrid roles offer the best of both worlds:

  • Working from home reduces commuting, increases productivity, and improves job satisfaction and work/life balance.
  • Working in the office satisfies the need for social contact with co-workers, improves creativity and brainstorming, allows people to work in an inspirational atmosphere, and provides the opportunity to discuss issues with managers face-to-face.

Consequently, offering hybrid roles will help you attract and retain the best candidates for your administrative and executive assistant jobs.

Top Tips for Successful Recruiting into Hybrid Roles

How do you ensure the person you hire will succeed in this type of working role? Here are our specialist recruiters’ top tips to hire effectively for hybrid roles.

1.     Compose Definitive Job Descriptions

To secure a productive and effective administrative assistant, you will need to redefine the job description to facilitate a hybrid role. For example, have you altered the duties and responsibilities to reflect combined home and office working?

Even an experienced  assistant may struggle in a hybrid role. Therefore, it’s essential to have a specific and definitive job description that includes both traditional responsibilities and those expected of remote individuals.

2.     Highlight Soft Skills

When working from home, admin assistants must be able to work autonomously. Soft skills needed include:

  • Time management
  • Ability to work independently
  • Strong work ethic
  • Excellent communication skills

You should seek self-starters who are highly-motivated team players.

3.     Become Good at Virtual Interviewing

To be successful in hiring the perfect hybridassistant, you must hone your virtual interviewing techniques. Hiring managers will need to prepare their candidates and themselves, ensure technology is working correctly, and set a scoring system to avoid bias. Hiring companies should invest in training for hiring online, and train managers to get the most out of remote assistants.

4.     Screen Candidates Effectively

During the screening and interviewing process, it’s crucial to ask questions that assess for skills needed,such as how the candidate would address low motivation issues, or how quickly he or she can adapt to new technology. You must ensure that the candidate understands the challenges of hybrid working and has strategies in place to address them.

5.     Know Your Candidate

It’s crucial to understand each candidate: what makes them tick, why they want a hybrid job, their expectations, and their ability to focus and remain productive at home and in the office. Pay attention to the little things that are important to each candidate, such as training and development opportunities, and demonstrate how your company addresses these issues.

6.     Beware the Red Flags

You should address any red flags that relate to the candidate’s resume, particularly if the answers they give contradict the claims made in writing. Remember, a good attitude is always important as is good cultural fit.

Testing is a good option to alleviate any concerns. Employ targeted tests to measure job knowledge, integrity, cognitive ability, personality traits, emotional intelligence, and hard and soft skills.

7.     Put Your Best Offer on the Table

Once you have found the perfect candidate for your admin or executive assistant role ─ don’t lose them! Hiring faster is key to employing the highest-quality candidates.

When you have identified your ideal candidate, make the offer quickly, and follow these tips:

  • Personalize the offer to the candidate
  • Present a strong salary and benefits package
  • Highlight how your hybrid workplace benefits the candidate and meets their specific wants and needs

Reduce Your Hiring Stress ─ Bring in the Professionals

Here at Lakeshore Talent, we have a team of experts who understand your business needs and have an excellent and extensive talent pool from which to source highly qualified, experienced, and effective admin and executive assistants.

We have a wealth of experience in recruiting for hybrid roles, and offer rigorous screening processes, matching hard and soft skills with the personality traits you need for a perfect fit for your business and the role you need to fill.

Contact Lakeshore Talent now to discuss your recruitment needs and recruit effectively into your vacant admin roles.