Clerical Jobs: The Complete Guide to Hiring Talent Faster

Develop a Stress-free and Effective Recruiting Strategy

You have open clerical jobs that need to be filled, but you’re finding it hard to attract talented candidates. Low wages, the fear of illness, an absence of affordable childcare, and a change in how people view work because of their experiences during the Covid pandemic are all reasons why there is a shortage of qualified and experienced applicants for clerical jobs.

The question is, how can you hire faster and more effectively?

Refine Your Hiring Process

The recruiting process can be broken down into different steps. It starts with defining the role, moves through the job posting, vetting, interview, and eventually to the offer.

To hire faster and better, you must refine this process. Let’s walk through each stage.

Compose a Compelling Job Description

A job description is the first impression of a company to potential job applicants. It communicates the company culture, what type of person is needed for the position and how they should go about applying. It starts with identifying the requirements of the role:

  • The skills and experience that are essential for the hire to hit the ground running
  • The type of person you want to hire, to fit in with your company culture
  • Nice-to-have skills that will enhance the new employee’s future with you

When composing your job description, be mindful that it has two purposes: to attract the best candidates and to help unqualified candidates to self-eliminate from the hiring process.

In your job description, you should include:

  • A description of the role
  • The required skills and experience
  • The tasks and responsibility of the role
  • A summary of your culture and values
  • A summary of the compensation, benefits, and perks
  • How to apply

Advertising Your Clerical Jobs

To advertise clerical jobs, you may wish to post your jobs online. Be mindful that if you use online job boards, you may get bombarded by unsuitable applicants – and this will slow the hiring process.

You might also decide to reach out to your employees and let them know about open positions, as well as posting to your website and social media.

Staffing agencies are an excellent option if you have a challenging time filling clerical jobs.

Candidate Vetting and Pre-Interview Stage

Vetting applicants is essential, though it can be time-consuming. There are two steps to take:

  1. First, you must review application forms and resumes to ensure applicants possess the skills and experience you need.
  2. Second, conduct a screening interview by phone to assess for cultural fit.

Only those applicants that pass both stages should be invited for a virtual or in-person interview.

There are ways to streamline this stage; for example, using an applicant tracking system that is specifically designed for administrative jobs. Alternatively, recruiters at a staffing agency will do all the heavy lifting for you, presenting only those candidates who are ideal for the role and your team.

Interview Applicants for Clerical Jobs

The interview process might take time, but it will be worth it if you hire someone who fits well into your company’s culture and is able to do the job well. Therefore, if you have been diligent to this point, you should only have a handful of candidates to interview, each of whom is qualified to do the job.

In the interview, you must ask questions to check for the skills you need and that the candidate will fit into your team. The best interview practice is to follow a script, asking the same questions of all interviewees. Set up a scoring system to help you decide which applicant is the best.

Sell the Candidate on the Role

You’ve decided on your preferred candidate. How can you make an offer that is irresistible? Here are our tips:

  • Understand what is most important to the candidate. For example, if they have responsibilities for caring for children, highlight flexible hours that will allow them to be home earlier, or the potential to work from home a day or two each week.
  • Make sure that the salary is competitive. People very rarely change jobs for less money.
  • Make the offer about what the candidate will do for your company, not what your company will do for the candidate. Highlight how important the role is, and how their contribution will make a difference.
  • Show them how they will fit in with their new team.

The Benefits of Employing a Professional Recruiter

Hiring managers sometimes find it difficult to find the right talent for their open positions. The challenge is even greater today, with so many exceptionally talented candidates reticent to return to work post-Covid.

We can take on this stress by sourcing and screening potential candidates, thus providing you with a streamlined list of qualified candidates to interview. We will provide guidance and advice throughout, consult with candidates on your behalf, and help ensure that your offer is positioned to appeal.

Contact Lakeshore Talent today, and let us help you hire for clerical jobs faster and more effectively.