9 Remote Working Tips from a Top Staffing Agency

How to Be a Productive and Effective Remote Worker

As one of the most experienced and respected staffing agencies in Denver, we are finding that increasing numbers of our clients are seeking talented candidates to work remotely. But to land the best roles, you must demonstrate that you have the skills to excel not just in the job role, but as a remote worker.

Whether applying for a job here in Denver that allows you to work from home ─ wherever that may be ─ or whether as a Denver local you want to work remotely for an employer elsewhere, these tips will help you to be effective and successful in your job and improve your career prospects.

9 Ways to Demonstrate Your Prowess as a Remote Worker

There are several key skills that companies seek when hiring remote workers. The level of supervision is, of course, much lower. Therefore, you should demonstrate that you can work autonomously and simultaneously as a productive team member.

When you compose your resume and prepare for interviews, you should focus on the following skills and ways of working.

1.    Organization Is Key

Organization is crucial when working from home. Time management and task prioritization are particularly significant. Map out your day and create a to-do list of essential tasks to complete. Schedule any meetings and let co-workers know when you need ‘protected time’ to work uninterrupted. Don’t forget to include breaks, lunch, and finishing time.

2.    Stick to Your Hours

Time can easily slip by when you work from home. Doing an extra hour or two each day to finish a task, or not stopping for lunch because you are ‘in the middle of something’, are common pitfalls of remote working.

Agree upfront what your ‘office’ hours will be, and make sure your team knows your schedule. Negotiate with your boss so you work when you are at your most productive and to suit your desire for a better work/life balance.

3.    Take Breaks to Stay Productive

Set your alarm so that you move away from your desk regularly. Grab a drink or walk round the back yard to stretch your legs, refocus, and refresh your mind. This will help you stay mentally connected.

4.    Create a Dedicated Office Space

A space solely dedicated to your work is essential. Entering your home office will automatically signal to your brain that you are in work mode. There will also be fewer distractions in a space that is away from the other household members or other distractions.

5.    Remove Distractions

It’s not only people and the TV that can be distracting. It’s easy when you are working from home to get side-lined with household tasks. Loading the washing machine might only take a few minutes, but quickly preparing the evening meal can soon turn into a 30-minute chore ─ and this will ultimately lead to a longer working day and reduce your productivity.

6.    Communicate, Communicate, Communicate

The lack of face-to-face contact means that excellent communication skills are vital to be a successful remote worker. You need to use all the technology you have at your disposal from emails, and video conferencing to messaging apps.

You need to establish how and when you will communicate with your co-workers and managers. As a remote worker, more communication is definitely better than less for effective working.

7.    Separate Work and Personal Life

Setting boundaries between work and personal time is the best way to ensure the perfect balance between the two. Have clear and defined work times, and don’t be tempted to check your messages after dinner just because your workspace and technology are close by.

8.    Keep in Touch With Your Boss and Your Team

Communication for the successful remote worker is about more than just workflow. Those chatty conversations in the kitchen or around the water cooler don’t happen when you work at home.

Remember to connect with people for a friendly catch-up and forge a positive corporate culture.

9.    Dress for Success

In a similar way to having a professional workspace to encourage a positive working mentality, the same can be said for dressing for work. Although getting suited and booted might be a little overkill, being dressed smartly as opposed to in your joggers will help you feel more professional.

It also means you won’t get caught in your PJs when you’ve forgotten about that video call with your boss!

The Remote Job of Your Dreams Is Waiting

At Lakeshore Talent, we have an exceptional record in matching candidates to their ideal jobs, including remote roles. We’ll help you show your prowess as a remote worker, through your resume and your interview technique.

To learn about  the best remote jobs in Denver, submit your resume to Lakeshore Talent.