Clerical Positions: Tactics That Can Help Your Business Grow

The Muscle Your Business Needs to Sprint Ahead

Have you considered utilizing your company’s clerical roles as a tactic to help your business grow?

There is ample evidence why you shouldn’t underestimate the power of a clerical assistant to support your business:

There are many studies that show trying to overload your workforce with work is ineffective. The solution is to source the most talented clerical assistants.

7 Reason Why Clerical Assistants Are Vital for Your Business

Clerical assistants aren’t just background noise, but vital to the mechanics of a growing business. Here are seven reasons why.

1.     Clerical Positions Are the Backbone of Businesses

Clerical assistants provide essential services and handling tasks that need to be completed daily, to keep operations running smoothly. Without carrying out the critical ‘maintenance’ of the business, the rest will fall apart:

  • Low morale
  • Burned-out staff
  • Decreased productivity
  • Errors
  • Hampered quality in deliverance
  • Staff attrition
  • Poor reputation
  • Loss of new talent

2.     Better Organization of Data and Documents

Today, it is increasingly important for your company to have a well-organized system. If data and documents aren’t stored and organized correctly, time will be wasted, productivity will fall, and elements of your business could fail.

Clerical assistants can be called upon immediately to retrieve the information you need – whether that’s documentation that protects your business or client, or data that helps you better understand your position.

3.     Provide Important Data for Business Analytics

Clerical assistants provide data that is essential for business analytics. For example, they provide information on the company’s financials, labor numbers, and other vital statistics.

The information accessible by these assistants helps businesses make informed business decisions and develop strategies based on current trends.

4.     Lower Costs

Clerical assistants are cost-effective employees. A good clerical assistant will make your business more efficient, and save time and money.

The amount of work that a business needs to do is constantly increasing. By decreasing the labor strain, clerical assistants also help reduce stress and anxiety in employees, so they can work at maximum capacity and effectiveness.

5.     Increase in Profits

The cost of making clerical errors is astounding. Even Wall Street’s Citi suffered a $900-million loss due to a ‘clerical error’.

A talented clerical assistant will produce error-free work. Each task is done properly and accurately by an individual skilled and dedicated to the role; not a member of staff who is rushed to get back to what they do best for the business.

6.     Provide Higher Customer Service

Clerical assistants provide better customer service to your clients through organization, efficiency, and knowledge of the role. Their job is to make sure the processes are smooth and that your customers have an easy time with your service or product.

Whether it’s answering phone calls, scheduling appointments, processing payments, or acknowledging queries – clerical roles fill the gaps, improving reputation and customer loyalty.

7.     Improve Legal Compliance

Legal compliance can be complex and varied, and is a heavy burden to every business. Clerical assistants organize paperwork, draft contracts and agreements, and schedule meetings when required to ensure you’re working in compliance with specific state or federal laws.

Hiring Tactics for Your Unique Business Needs

Here at Lakeshore Talent, we understand everyone’s business needs are different. You may need temporary clerical support to help deliver a business deadline. Some aren’t yet sure if they can justify the cost of an employed clerical assistant, and want to run a trial contract. Others want to see their effectiveness in action before committing to employment. We can offer quality clerical jobs candidates for all business needs, via:

  • Contract
  • Direct hire
  • Contract to hire

No matter your choice, you’ll have access to our highly skilled clerical staff who have been nurtured and vetted, and are ready to go. The best clerical support could help your business become more efficient and effective.

We guarantee to send you only the best-matched candidates for clerical positions.

Contact Lakeshore Talent today. Let us demonstrate why businesses like yours rely on us to fill their clerical roles from our bank of administrative talent.