Secrets to Make CNA Jobs Look Amazing and Hire Amazing CNAs

All CNA Jobs Are Not Equal

As a healthcare provider, you want the best people for your CNA jobs. But are you finding it hard to hire – or even locate – the best CNAs?

You’re not alone. Despite CNAs representing the largest category of healthcare workers in the United States (nearly 5 million people), hiring for CNAs is an increasingly challenging environment. This was worsened by the pandemic, leaving many feeling overworked, underpaid, and under-resourced.

As the backbone of healthcare, we must bring the best CNAs back. Here, we help you giving your CNA hiring strategy a shakedown to find the people you need.

The Difference Great CNAs Make to a Healthcare Facility

In the healthcare industry, CNAs are essential employees in a healthcare setting. They have a huge level of trust from the patients, and they play an indispensable role in providing care to patients. They help in taking vital signs, moving patients, giving medication, and much more.

The difference great CNAs make to a healthcare facility is significant. They can help reduce the number of medical errors, improve patient satisfaction, and lower costs. They are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 365 days a year, and can work independently without supervision.

They also provide companionship and support to patients who need it, whether that means visiting them in their room or talking with them on the phone – making an impacting difference to customer care.

How to Make Your CNA Jobs Stand Out

You know you need the best CNAs – now it’s time to give them a reason to need you. Here’s how to make your CNA jobs stand out and attract the best people to your doors:

Write a Compelling Job Description

Don’t be one of those employers who fails to write a compelling job description and ends up with the wrong candidates, at best. This can result in high turnover and high costs.

A compelling job description will help your company attract the best candidates, increase retention rates, and ensure that all staff enjoy their CNA jobs.

Your job description should specifically target the role’s requirements, without eliminating great potential candidates, and creating an inviting reason to apply.

Focus on Your Culture

CNAs know now more than ever before that a company’s culture can have an impact on their morale and wellbeing. Show them you value their wellbeing, their personal and professional needs, and the difference they make to your organization and its patients.

An attractive culture like this should be made clear to both active and passive candidates, by actively showcasing your caring and supportive attitude toward your employees via social media, websites, employee testimonials, referrals, and the hiring process itself.

Show You Support CNAs in Their Careers

Employees who are committed to their career and have self-motivation are the best employees. Regularly talk to your best candidates and current CNAs about their career goals, and help provide them the tools they need to achieve them.

Provide a Caring Hiring Process

How you treat your candidates gives the best CNAs a good indication as to how you behave as an employer. Make sure you:

  • Respect their time
  • Never keep them in the dark – communicate throughout
  • Swiftly schedule interviews and follow-ups
  • Clearly outline what they need to enjoy the role
  • Ask them what is important to them to enjoy working with you

You must make them feel welcome and appreciated from the early stages of the process.

Make the Interview about the Candidate, Not about the Job

The interview stage is your opportunity to discover as much as you can about your candidate. Show a genuine interest in who they are as an individual. Most of us fear interviews – so help them leave the interview room feeling confident, supported, and part of the team. They’ll more likely join you, and show a truer version of themselves when they feel comfortable.

Present an Offer That Cannot Be Refused

You must offer a competitive salary and benefits to nab the best CNAs in a shortage. Make sure what you’re offering is in line – if not more than – what your competitors and local providers are offering.

More importantly, ask your best candidate what they need to enjoy a better career. A little flexibility on their rotas, for example, could seal the deal and help them overcome any challenges that may prevent them from joining you.

Unlock the Best CNAs Today

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